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Our Services

Brand Design

Create a brand concept ​with a unique voice and ​visual image from scratch. ​Share your mission with us ​and we do our creative ​magic.

Social Media

We design clear and consistent styles, publish posts, reels and images that keep your followers engaged and connected. Let us buzz for you.


We create beautiful landing pages, with the goal of simplifying your message and getting that call-to-action rolling in.

Links to sample our work:

Social Media Design:

By Estie - Instagram @myzuzahorg

By Estie - LinkedIn @jewish education innovation ​challenge

By Yitz - Jewish Creators Print Instagram,​ Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

By Yitz - Insta_Shadchan

By Yitz - Instagram @itavchessed

Meet the team

Yitz Smilo​witz

Digital Systems, Graphic Design & Editor

Yitz is really Yitzchok. With a career in IT ​support, he knows the backend systems ​for all the programs and tools needed to ​pump out digital content in a jiffy. Not to ​mention, he’s no slouch-on-a-couch ​when it comes to graphic design and ​content writing. A keen eye for ​asymmetry and novelty lets him think ​from inside the box and reach outside ​the circle.

Estie Ap​t

Customer Communications, Copywriting & Project Design

It’s Estie, not Esty. With over 10 years of experience working with non-profits and for-profit organizations, Estie has an impressive track record. Her project management skills are second to none, and she excels at understanding and communicating with individuals to achieve their goals. There is no skipped beats. Only well iterated and clarified beats.

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Easy Package Pricing


Business Landing Page

  • Includes Basic Branding Kit (​$750)
  • Onboarding, brand research and inte​rview
  • Six pages of Copywriting & design incl​udes:
  • First page: clear messaging & call to a​ction
  • About page: people of the business, g​oals, values and hi​story
  • Services & products that are avai​lable
  • Highlighted service or informat​ional
  • FAQs, Testimonials, and ​other
  • Contact Form, Info & Social ​Links
  • Publishing to existing or new D​omain
  • Requires Canva Pro subscri​ption



Basic Branding Kit​

  • Brand-name brainstorm session
  • Tagline & Mission statement
  • Simple Logo creation (5 options)
  • Custom Color scheme (5 colors)
  • Type-Font selection
  • Brand Kit card (​Canva Template)


Digital Marketing Social Media Megaphone Concept

Social Media

Setup your account

  • Includes Basic Branding Kit ($750)
  • Logo & banner kit for Social media
  • Creative Bio and description
  • Connect to Meta Business manager
  • Setup up to 3 social platforms
  • Includes welcome introduction post
  • Sharing prep: links, blurbs, and SEO

Starting at $950

Mo​nthly Content Creation

  • 3 posts per week (12 posts/mo)
  • Platforms we support: Instagram, ​LinkedIn & Facebook.
  • Written con​tent, post descriptions, tags & call​ to actions
  • Monthly Ana​lytics report

Starting at $1000​

Quick Social Post

  • Create a single post for social media
  • Written content & graphic design
  • Photo editing & sourcing
  • C​alls to action
  • U​p to 10 slides on Instagram

Custom Pricing

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A spellbinding pact: Our commitment to ​dignified collaboration with clients.


All payments must be made upfront, and prior to the commencing of our holy work on your project.

Payment options: Zelle/QuickPay/Venmo. Checks & credit cards are not acceptable payment tender.

What you can expect from us:

Initial Drafts of all designs are presented to the customer for feedback.

We average a 2 week turnaround for Initial Drafts on all our offerings.

We offer up to 2 cycles of revisions based on customer feedback.

Publication options & transfer of creator rights are delivered upon completion.

See below for our revisions timeline expectations.

What we expect from our customers:

The timeline for customer feedback begins upon delivery of the initial draft.

Customers have 1 week to provide feedback during each revision period.

Customers have up-to 2 revision cycles on all offerings.

You have our confidence; we believe in you.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Buzzing life into digital media.

Good design is good business" - Thomas J. Watson

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